Saturday, 25 August 2018

AIIMS New Delhi Nursing Jobs

AIIMS New Delhi Nursing Jobs 2018
All India Institute of Medical Sciences recently
released recruitment Notification for Nurses

AIIMS Nursing Jobs for B Sc Nursing

AIIMS, AIIMS New Delhi, Nursing Jobs, Staff Nurse, Nursing Recruitment,

Name of the post: Nursing Tutor,
Number of Vacancies: 04 Posts,
Educational Qualifications: B Sc Nursing with Three years Clinical experience,
Age Limit: 50 years,

How to apply

Application Mode: Offline Application
Last date for Application: 30-08-2018,
AIIMS New Delhi Nursing Jobs 2018
official Notification Download here

Friday, 24 August 2018

Staining Methods

Staining Methods and Techniques

Staining Method, Simple Staining, Microbiology Staining

Staining Temple

Simple Sating,

Differential Staining,

Gram staining,

Gram Negative Staining

Acid fast Staining,

Zeil Neelsen Staining,

What are the Dyes Using in Sating Methods

Basic Dyes,

  1. Methylene Blue.
  2. Basic Fuchsin,
  3. Crystal Voilet,
  4. Malachite Green,

Acid Dyes,

  1. Eosin,
  2. Rose Bengal,
  3. Acid Fuchsin,

Simple Staining,

Simple Staining Shows the presence of Bacteria shows,

A single stain was used in this technique

Negative Staining Method

Negative Staining Method procedure helps to study of bacteria cell shape, Bodies and spores,

Differential Staining Method

This type of Staining Methods to differentiate two Bactria organism,

  1. Gram Staining Method,
  2. Acid fast  staining Method

Garn Staining,

Gram staining has introduced by Hans Chrisrtian Gram,

Acid Fact Staining

Paul Erhlich was First Identified Myco bacterium Tuberculy using with Acid Fast Staining

Acid Fast Staining Method is also Known as Zeil - Neelsen Staining,

Volutine Granule Staining

Volutine Granule is also known as Albert Laybourn Method

Staining techniques from RESHMA SOMAN

Watch Bacteria Staining Method Video Tutorial

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Lamp Lighting Song For Nurses

Lamp Lighting Song For Nurses

Lamp Lighting is Very Important Ceremony in Nursing Education,
Each and Every Nurse Should Pledge (Nightingale Pledge) and Lamp lighting
is essential step in Entry of Nursing Profession

Lamp Lighting Ceremony Song 

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Top 10 Most Painful Bites in the World and Stings Treatment

Top 10 Most Painful bites in the world and Treatment


Bites are a wound received from wild and Domestic animals, Humans
An animals May bites in self  defence in part of attempt to prey in food,
Bite can result wound a break down of Skin it can allow to escape Blood from Bite,
Bites can result immediate tissue damage  it can cause later infections and some bites or shows poisonous effects

Top 10 Most Painful bites in the world

1. Blue Ant
2. Tarantula Hawk,
3.Paper Wasp,
4. Red Harvester Ant,
5. Stone Fish
6.Box Jelly fish,
7.Arizona bark Scorpion,
8. Rattle Snake,
9.Block Widow,
10. Dog Bite

Sunday, 5 August 2018

Newborn baby care after birth newborn baby care tips

New Born Care after birth Newborb baby care tip

New Born Care after birth Newborn baby care tip

The First Hours what do Newborn baby,

Maintain and Observe Normal Breathing Pattern,

Keep warmth and maintain Temperature,

Initiate Breast Feeding,

Maintain Personnel Hygiene ,

New Born Care After bath Wath Video

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