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Newborn baby care after birth newborn baby care tips

New Born Care after birth Newborb baby care tip

New Born Care after birth Newborn baby care tip

The First Hours what do Newborn baby,

Maintain and Observe Normal Breathing Pattern,

Keep warmth and maintain Temperature,

Initiate Breast Feeding,

Maintain Personnel Hygiene ,

New Born Care After bath Wath Video

Monday, 30 July 2018

ODEPC Staff Nurse Jobs Recruitment 2017-2018

ODEPC Staff Nurse Jobs Recruitment 2017 -2018 Overseas Development Employment Promotion Consultant Kerala Inviting Applications for Staff Nurse to work United Kingdom Saudi Arabia and Ireland Candidates who are searching for Government Nurse Vacancies it is a good Opportunity to get a job Applicants Eligibility that is Intermediate and Diploma in general Nursing Midwifery or Bachelor Degree in Nursing for Staff Nurse Vacancy Various Vacancy details, Staff Nurse Jobs Description, Number of Vacancies, Maximum Age limit, Staff Nurse Pay Scale for Month, Details Eligibility qualification, Educational qualifications, Desirable qualification, Mode of apply Time and Date of the registration, Walk in Interview, Information about GRIID Staff Nurse Recruitment Chandigarh jobs Related details given below

ODEPC Staff Nurse Jobs Recruitment 2017-2018 Details

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ODEPC Nursing Recruitment for UK ,

Name of the Post; Staff Nurse,

Hiring Consultants: CPL Health Care,United Kingdom,

Place of Work: St. Goerge Hospital UK,

Last Date for Application: 15-02-2018,

For Official Notification Download Here

ODEPC Staff Nurse Jobs Recruitment 2018 -2019 Details

Name of the post
Hiring Authority
Overseas Development Employment Promotion Consultant Kerala
Job Location
Cambridge University Hospital,
Dates of Interview
To be confirmed
Interview Venue
Last Date for Registration
21- Jun - 2016

Ireland Nursing  Recruitment 2016 -2017 Details

Name of the post
Hiring Authority
Job Location
Dath Group of Hospitals, Dublin, Ireland
Dates of Interview
November 21 and 22
At Kochi
Dates of Interview
November 24th
At Mumbai
Last Date for Registration
10th November 2016

ODEPC  Staff Nurse jobs Recruitment Details

Name of the post
Hiring Authority
Job Location
IBN SINA Hospital and College for Medical Studies,Saudi Arabia
Dates of Interview
Will be in the second week of November
Last Date for Registration
2nd November 2016

KSA Staff Nurse Vacancy Recruitment  Details

Name of the post
Hiring Authority
Job Location
Health and Life Poly Clinic Hospital Dhammam, Saudi Arabia
Last Date for Registration
15th October 2016
Staff Nurse Vacancy in Abroad KSA jobs Details
Name of the post
Hiring Authority
ODEPC and Ministry of Health Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Job Location
 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Last Date for Registration

Registrations are now open
Venues of Interview
New Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kochi
Eligibility of Applicants
Diploma in General Nursing Midwifery or Bachelor Degree in Nursing
Prometric Passed
Minimum two Years of Experience
How to apply Abroad Nursing Recruitment
Application Mode
Last Date:21-08-2017
On-line Interested candidates may Register Now Click Here

Get more Information about ODEPC Staff Nurse Jobs Recruitment 2016 -2017 Official Notification Download

Sunday, 29 July 2018

Staining Methods

Staining Methods

Staining Method, Simple Staining, Microbiology Staining

Staining Temple

Simple Sating,

Differential Staining,

Gram staining,

Gram Negative Staining

Acid fast Staining,

Zeil Neelsen Staining,

What are the Dyes Using in Sating Methods

Basic Dyes,

  1. Methylene Blue.
  2. Basic Fuchsin,
  3. Crystal Voilet,
  4. Malachite Green,

Acid Dyes,

  1. Eosin,
  2. Rose Bengal,
  3. Acid Fuchsin,

Simple Staining,

Simple Staining Shows the presence of Bacteria shows,

A single stain was used in this technique

Negative Staining Method

Negative Staining Method procedure helps to study of bacteria cell shape, Bodies and spores,

Differential Staining Method

This type of Staining Methods to differentiate two Bactria organism,

  1. Gram Staining Method,
  2. Acid fast  staining Method

Garn Staining,

Gram staining has introduced by Hans Chrisrtian Gram,

Acid Fact Staining

Paul Erhlich was First Identified Myco bacterium Tuberculy using with Acid Fast Staining

Acid Fast Staining Method is also Known as Zeil - Neelsen Staining,

Volutine Granule Staining

Volutine Granule is also known as Albert Laybourn Method

Staining techniques from RESHMA SOMAN

Watch Bactria Staining Method Video Tutorial

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Saturday, 17 February 2018

What is salmonella symptoms

Salmonella Bacteria What is Salmonellosis,
What is salmonella symptoms, Typhoid Bacteria, widal Tst, Diagnostic Evaluation, Blood Test,

Salmonella is bacteria Discovered by Dr.Salmon, salmonella is Causative organism of Typhoid

Signs and Symptoms of Salmonella Bacteria



Abdominal Cramps,

General Weakness,

Joints Pains at Legs and Arms,

Diagnostic Evaluations for Salmonella Typhi,

History Collection,

Physical Examination,

Widal Test,


The Order of Draw: why you MUST follow it.

The Order of  Draw , Why Must Fallow

Phlebotomy Articles and Tray Preparation

Sterile  Blood Culture Tubes or Vails,

Blue Stopper (sodium Citrate Tubes,

Serum Tubes,

EDTA Tubes,

Glycolytic Inhibitor Tubes

Watch Video for Vacuum Tube Types

Friday, 16 February 2018

Introduction to Anatomy

Introduction to Anatomy 

what is anatomy definition of Anatomy, 

Anatomy defined as Scientific Study of Human Cell and Tissues and Organ Structure and Parts of the Body and it Relation to other organs 

what is Physiology definition of Physiology,

Physiology defined as study of Cell functions and Organ functions is Call Physiology,

Anatomy and Physiology Video tutorial 

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