Tuesday 4 October 2016

Types of Dressing Trolleys Orientation

Types of  Dressing Trolleys Orientation

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Dressing trolleys are a tray Contains articles and needed supplies to make available for surgical dressing and using for to give Wound care Suture removal it can be used for various Medical and Surgical Nursing procedures i.e.  Minor Suturing, Insertion of Intravenous Catheter’s Arterial Lines Central venous line, Intra Costal Drainage, Foley’s catheter it arrangement details discussed below

Types of Dressing Trolleys Goals

To keep dressing trolley’s clean and free 

Types of Dressing Trolley’s Objectives:-from pathogenic organisms

To kept ready for immediate use for emergency critical care procedures
Maintain sterile aseptic Techniques
Insertion of Intravenous Catheter
Insertion of Parental lines i, e Central line
Intra Arterial lines
Central venous Pressure lines
Intra Coastal Drainage Tubes
Foleys Catheter
Pleural Tapping (Thoracentesis)
Abdominal Tapping
Suture lines removal
Drain Removal i,e Abdominal drainage Kit removal Pig tail drain
Stapler Removal
All Kinds of Minor dressings


Cotton Swabs
Gauze pads
Gauze pieces
Cotton Pads
Surgical Gloves with All Numbers
A tray containing Sharp instruments
Tissue cutting Scissors
Suture removal or Cutting Scissors
Staples Removal
Container and Chittles forceps with Cidex solution 1:40
Big Scissors for Cutting Bandages and General Materials Covers of Supplies
A tray containing instruments
Sponge Holders
Small Artery forceps Curved
Small artery forceps strait
Mosquito artery forceps
Clamp forceps
Solution using in Hospital
Alcohol based Hand and Skin disinfectant i.e Sterlium
Tincture Benzoin
Methilated Surgical spirit
Hydrogen peroxide
Neosporin ointment for eye and Skin
Soframycine ointment
Silverex ointment

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