Sunday, 26 June 2016

Coat Technique for Staff Nurses

Purpose:  To protect self from infection
Requirement: A clean coat

Coat Technique for Staff Nurses

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Before Entering the Patient Unit
  1. Remove watch.
  2. Wash Hands and dry
  3. Hold the coat at the neck on the inside permitting to unfold. The open of the gown is turned towards the nurse.
  4. Hold the coat at the seems of the shoulders with hands keeping in cross and bring the coat to the right side too by moving the right hand from the back of the head.
  5. Slide hands and arms down the shoulders of the coat.
  6. Bring the open ends together by handling the inside flap of the coat edges.
  7. Adjust the collar by holding inside of the neck.
  8. Fix the watch in the first button hole of the coat.
  9. Button the coat from top towards bottom.
Before Leaving the Hospital Premises
  1. Wash hands
  2. Unbutton the coat from top towards bottom.
  3. Wash hands and dry.
  4. Remove watch from the button hole of the coat and fix on the wrist.
  5. Slip off the coat up to the elbow level by touching the inside of the coat.
  6. Remove one hand and hold the coat at the seams of the shoulders so as to prevent the loose end of the coat from touching the floor. Remove the second hand, so that the interior of the coat is out.
  7. Hold the coat in front with open flaps away from the uniform.
  8. Adjust the coat by holding the inside and fold it vertically into one half away from you.
  9. Hold it on left forearm.
Reuse to the Coat

  1. Hold the coat at the seams of the shoulders without touching the contaminated side.
  2. Unfold the coat by keeping it away from the uniform.
  3. Wear the coat as per above steps mentioned.

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