Friday 24 June 2016


             General Principles for unit cleaning can help prevent and spread of diseases Hospital
 acquired infections, it will protect patient for infection and Health care team members,Prevention
 and control of Hospital Infection Health care team members can proceed with examination and treatment after hand washing with soap and disinfectant medium like Betadine Scrub etc…
Must always Hand wash take place after Contact with infectious object or Material, and always follow aseptic techniques at the time of treating Client Must be use barriers Nursing techniques in all working areas   

General Principles for Unit Cleaning 

General Principles for ICU Cleaning, Universal Precautions, Hand Wash,Bed Cleaning,articles,Utensil,Instruments,
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  1. Warm water dissolves grease easily and dirt. So it is more effective in cleaning than the cold water.
  2. Cold water dissolves albuminous waste therefore articles soiled with body wastes blood and so forth should be rinsed in cold water before being washed in hot soapy water.
  3. Soap lowers the surface tension of water and therefore should be used in sufficient amount to remove dirt.
  4. Hold the cleaning cloth in such a manner so as to allow a large area of cleaning as for as possible at one time.
  5. Friction will speed the removal of the dirt. Friction is accomplished by the movement of the cleaning cloth spread, over the palm of the hand. Mild abrasives can be used to further increase the friction.
  6. Start to clean area close to you and work away from yourself.
  7. Proceed from the higher area to the end closer to the floor.
  8. All surfaces of the article should be cleaned this includes creases and crevices etc.,
  9. Maintaining articles adequately dry will discourage the growth of the micro organisms and prevent cross infection.
  10. Cleansing equipment should be thoroughly cleaned after each use, dried well and replaced.
  11. Keeping the living place clean and free from waste food will help to keep the vermin animal pests away. Food should be stored and kept in reserved containers. The chief danger from pests is in the spread of communicable disease.
  12. Sun light and ultra violet rays help to control the bacteria in the air so the articles can be exposed to sun light for 7-8 hours for disinfection.
  13. Choosing correct and simple method saves time and energy.

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