Saturday 25 November 2017

Scope of Nursing Profession

Nursing profession is honourable and Respectable Profession in the entire Professional Courses. Highest job Satisfaction and growing Health care Industry. Now a day’s are Huge Vacancies in all around the World Nursing Care is most important in our life it is plays Major roll in Prevention of disease and Promotion of Health in Community and Hospitals Nursing education is  life long process it  learn though By teaching  and demonstration  always Nurses observe Up dates and New methods and Learn New Nursing Procedures for implementing their  profession 

Scope of Nursing Profession.Nursing Procedures, Goals,Interventions,patient teaching.Assessment health education,Responsibilities. diet management observation,follow up Care,Staff Nurse jobs
As per rules protocols  Clinical Nurse maintain competence in the Nursing education and Nursing Professional ,Clinical  Practice and it is achievement of individual Nurse Goals Nursing assessment  and Nurse practice Knowledge gain by learning and Continuing assessment program Nurse practitioners play major roll in "Care of Sick Persons  and Promotion of Health of Individual and family in Hospital or Community .

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