Tuesday 21 August 2018

Top 10 Most Painful Bites in the World and Stings Treatment

Top 10 Most Painful bites in the world and Treatment


Bites are a wound received from wild and Domestic animals, Humans

An animals May bites in self  defence in part of attempt to prey in food,
Bite can result wound a break down of Skin it can allow to escape Blood from Bite,
Bites can result immediate tissue damage  it can cause later infections and some bites or shows poisonous effects

Top 10 Most Painful bites in the world

1. Blue Ant
2. Tarantula Hawk,
3.Paper Wasp,
4. Red Harvester Ant,
5. Stone Fish
6.Box Jelly fish,
7.Arizona bark Scorpion,
8. Rattle Snake,
9.Block Widow,
10. Dog Bite

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